What to wear at work when you are back from maternity leave?

Your maternity leave has ended? Back to work? Confused about what to wear? Scared that the extra
pregnancy weight will show in your outfit? Don’t worry at all! We are here for you: we’ll help you chose
the most suitable work outfit and no one will notice those extra kilograms. Here are some simple tips to
help you out:
1. Make sure that your hair and nails are done (those details can change the entire look).
2. Choose a nice pair of shoes that matches your outfit: shoes are like the salt and pepper of your
food. Try to pick comfortable shoes: you will wear those shoes for a long time so don’t
compromise about your comfort.
3. If your extra weight is in the abdomen or waist area then wear a blazer, jacket or even a shirt.
These three options will do the trick. Avoid wearing tight tops/T-shirts (it will only emphasize the
weight you have gained during pregnancy).
4. Colour contrast is key: the colour of your top should be darker than the bottoms̕ colour.
5. When adding a belt to your outfit, chose a thin one.
6. Embellish your outfit with nice accessories like scarves, earing, rings or even a chic necklace.

Sooner or later you will lose those extra pregnancy kilograms and you will be able to wear the clothes
you love. But in the meantime what’s more important is your health, self-confidence and your smile.
Remember, weight is just a number.

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