The Magic of Dates

In Ramadan, we mums get easily tired from fasting long hours, especially if pregnant or breastfeeding. We might feel very tired and start craving for something sweet. Many of us is used to break her fast with some dates as Sunnah recommends. After having few dates, you start feeling like a totally different person. Here are 7 reasons of why you should break your fast with some dates, but also why you should eat it every day even after Ramadan:

1.You won’t be tired anymore if you eat dates. It is rich in natural sugar and carbohydrates which will help your body regulate its metabolism.

2.Dates are naturally very sweet in taste. Next time you are craving something sweet eat dates and don’t worry at all about gaining any extra kilograms.

3.Dates are rich in iron and folic acid which is very important for the health of your red blood cells, brain and nervous system. Dates will definitely help you prevent anemia.

4.There is a lot of vitamin K in dates, which mean your baby will have stronger bones.

5.There are plenty of fibers in dates. Eating dates in the morning when your digestive system activity is high will prevent constipation.

6.The heavier we become while being pregnant the higher is the risk of developing high blood pressure. Dates are rich in potassium which can prevent hypertension during pregnancy.

7.Eating dates in the third trimester of your pregnancy will help your body getting ready for labor. Researchers observed that women eating dates have shorter labors compared to women who don’t eat dates.

Try to eat dates every morning and you will definitely feel the difference. Your kids can even have some dates too and they will definitely love it!

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