How to enjoy Eid while staying safe?

With Eid at the doors, we are all making plans for the holidays. Whether you are traveling or staying in Cairo, it’s very important to be cautious and to take some safety measures into considerations to have a healthy vacation. Here are 5 tips for you and the whole family to enjoy a healthy Eid:

1. Heat strokes and sunburns: this is very common whether in kids or in adults with the increase of the temperature. Keep yourself regularly hydrated. Adults should be drinking at least 2-3 liters of water per day. Babies (1-3 years old) need to drink 4 cups od water per day. Also avoid staying outdoor when the temperature is at its peak (usually from 2:00 PM till 4:00 PM). If staying outdoor, don’t forget to wear a hat along with some light clothes (try to choose cotton and light colors) and to apply some sunscreen.

2. Otitis: children especially younger than 3 years are very susceptible to it. Otitis or ear infection can be easily caught when staying for long in a crowded swimming pool. In fact, the chlorine is used in swimming pools for disinfection, yet when crowded, if the swimming pool is not disinfected regularly, chances of infection are high. You can still enjoy the water with your kids by going to the beach (such infection risks are very low in the sea) or by avoiding the “rush hours” of the pool.

3. Food poisoning: chances are higher during public holidays when ordering food from restaurants. Food poisoning happens when eating food contaminated with a virus/bacteria like Salmonella or E. coli. Food gets contaminated if not stored/washed/cooked properly or if prepared in poor hygienic conditions (kitchen not clean, staff not wearing masks and gloves, etc.). That’s why it’s preferable to prepare your own food at home in such circumstances. In case you will be ordering food from a restaurant, try to order food that are not sensitive to storage/cooking conditions like grains (rice or quinoa for example), pasta, potatoes, etc.

4. Mosquitoes’ bites: this can be very painful and irritating. There are less mosquitoes in summer compared to winter yet remember mosquitoes like plants and wet conditions. That’s why, if you are travelling to any coastal city, always keep with you an insect repellent and an antihistamine in case the mosquito bite is getting big and painful.

5. Respiratory infectious disease and contact dermatitis: many people get back from the holiday with a cold, flu or contact dermatitis as they been going out in crowded places. That’s why regardless of the coronavirus circumstances, one should always keep a social distance of 1-2 meters, wear a face mask and regularly sanitize his hear hands after touching any surface.

Remember, prevention is better and cheaper than medications. Enjoy your Eid Holidays safely and keep good care of your health and of the health of your beloved ones!

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