Mothers talk was founded in November 2018 by Sara Hamouda
Master in International Business Law ( Sorbonne University)

Who we are

Mothers talk is an online platform that consists of 3 subchannels; the 3 subchannels were created so that mothers can talk and share their experiences about their motherhood journey. Mothers talk always aim to help moms in their journey by providing them with all the needed information; most information and knowledge are provided by our doctors, our parenting coaches, and specialized practitioners.

Every online channel in this platform was created to help mothers in a different aspect.

The first subchannel that was created is the closed Facebook group and it was created in November 2018 and it’s major aim was to let mothers talk privately and share their experiences and thoughts openly and with high security, and in order to achieve our major goal Mothers Talk admin created the options of posting anonymously by having the anonymous talk. The anonymous talk is the option for any mother to post her question/concern without revealing her identity to any of the group members or to the group administrators or moderators.

The second subchannel is the Facebook Page and was created in parallel with the Facebook Group, and its major goal was to be able to share tips, important and beneficial information.

The third subchannel that was created in March 2020 which is the Instagram Blog and it was created to support the Facebook page but on a different platform with different means. On Instagram we share information and tips through posting pictures or videos on the feed or the stories. Instagram is considered an easier platform for the mothers who don’t have the luxury of time to read full articles and watch long videos, so Instagram is considered very beneficial for them since the information is usually short, self-explanatory, and to the point.